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Video Production, Tribute, Safety And Music Videos


For your next Concert let us add screens and cameras so everyone has a great seat. We do IMAG services for some of the top performers in the country. Use the Giant screens to run your Sponsors or current Promotions or any message, then switch to Live Cameras. Multi Camera shoots get the best coverage. Our Video Production group and record your event to DVD Live.



Let the Professionals at The Pinnacle Group create your Unit specific or Site specific OSHA videos for your employees and visitors. We take your safety Handbook and write the script, then we visit the site and film on location and then we edit it All for one package price. We can even translate in Spanish. We have created hundreds of OSHA safety videos.

9X12 LED Screen

  • 7' X 21' Projection Screens
  • 9' X 12' Front & Rear Projection Screens
  • 10' X 14' Front & Rear Projection Screens
  • 18’ X 24’ Front & Rear Projection Screens
  • LED Portable Screens
  • Screen Dress Kits
  • Tripod Screens
  • Video & Data Projectors to 12,000 Lumens
  • Multi Camera Live Production
  • Live Event Projection
  • 35mm, 8 & 16 mm Film Slide Projectors
  • DVD Mastering
  • Super Bright Overhead Projectors
  • SVHS & VHS Camera & Recorders
  • Beta SP Video Recorders & Cameras
  • JVC DV500 Digital Video Cameras
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Video Crane
  • Video Lights
  • Camera Personal
  • AV Staffing
  • Outdoor Video & Data Projection