DVD Transfers

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Transfer your families treasured home movie film, prints and slides to DVD

The professionals at the Pinnacle group can do dvd transfers from 8mm film or vhs tapes. We also create dvd with photos and slides transfered to dvd.




Take your precious memories out of storage. No more hassles with projectors, film reels, slide trays & screens. Just press play on your DVD and watch your home movies again & again on your TV. The Professionals at The Pinnacle Group monitor all work  from start to finish.  Please keep in mind that the quality of the transfer is determined by the quality of the film submitted.

3" Reel = 50 feet     Total $10.00

4" Reel = 100 feet   Total $20.00

5" Reel = 200 feet   Total $40.00

6" Reel = 300 feet   Total $60.00

7" Reel = 400 feet   Total $80.00

.20 per Foot

We can transfer your 35mm slides / negatives, prints, or digital files to a special video DVD presentation. Once complete, insert the disc into your DVD player to view your photos as if you were watching a movie. One DVD will store up to 500 photos. Special music and a menu with chapter titles are added to the show for extra meaning and easy navigation.


A tribute DVD will enhance a special special birthday celebration such as a 50th birthday, 60th birthday, 70th birthday, 80th birthday, oh well - you get the idea!

It is also terrific for anniversaries or special family get togethers. You can watch it on your TV or you can connect a DVD player to an LCD projector if it is a very large room.  A tribute DVD will enhance your wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, anniversary party or special family celebration. You receive a DVD that you can play on any DVD player; you don't need to have a laptop computer to play the DVD.

Starting @ $100.00